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Loyalty, Trust, honesty, reliability


Pools and spas are a lifestyle - It's a wonderful place to relax and enjoy family and fun. Realizing that time is not always on your side, Arch Pool and Spa wants to take the burden of pool service and maintenance off your shoulders.

A pool or spa is an asset to your already large investment - your home. So just like any investment, you want peace of mind, to protect against risks, while enjoying the rewards.

As a Certified Pool and Spa Operator through the National Pool and Spa Foundation, I guarantee quality in service. We believe in loyalty, trust, honesty, and reliability. Arch Pool and Spa invests in assurance, transparency, and most importantly, your satisfaction. We are fully insured through ASAPP/PCIC.

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Our Services

At Arch Pool and Spa we treat all of our accounts with equal amounts of care and attention to detail. You are our priority! Our goal is to keep your pool safe, free of algae, bacterias, and contaminants. We manage your pool/spa water at the molecular level. Our weekly service means we safely clean, monitor, and maintain your pool/spa based on its individual characteristics. Below are the services provided (but not limited to)

  • Weekly Full Service:
    • Skimming top water column of debris
    • Brushing of walls
    • Brushing of tiles
    • Vacuuming of pool/spa debris
    • Verifying proper circulation of equipment
    • Emptying skimmer and pump baskets of debris
    • Adjusting and maintaining proper Ph, Chemical/Salt levels of pool and/or spa
    • Monitoring all pool equipment for potential service repairs
    • Backwashing of system as needed
  • Additional Service Fee Items Include:
    • Cleaning of pump impeller
    • Cleaning of filtration system as needed
    • Vacuuming of major pool debris (broken glass, Santa Ana Winds, Etc)
    • Green to clean shock treatment and deep cleans
    • Draining down of pool
    • Chemical start-up's 
    • Equipment inspection
    • Equipment repairs/installations
    • Salt Cell diagnostic's and cleaning
    • Adding salt to pool/spa
  • Arch Pool and Spa will make recommendations for safety around the pool and/or spa
  • All accounts are documented, equipment is logged, and full maintenance and service repairs recorded and kept on file
  • Arch Pool and Spa works alongside a fantastic group of experts in the field of Plaster Repair, Electrical, Decking/Tiling, Etc. 

All services can be adjusted to meet the needs of the client and their pool or spa. Give us a call for a free estimate.